About Us


Nutrition to You started as the simple idea of bringing the services of specialized, multilingual Dietitian to our clients — rather than our clients having to come to us.

We bring ‘Nutrition to You‘.

Our Founding Dietitian 

Joy - business photo - hair straight - 25.02.2017_350 x 500Nutrition to You was founded by Joy Y. Kiddie, a Registered Dietitian with a Masters degree in Human Nutrition and a published researcher in Mental Health Nutrition.  Joy has been in private private practice in BC since 2007, providing preventative and clinical nutrition care from our Coquitlam office. Joy’s area of focus in Food Allergy and Food Sensitivities.

Our Vision

Nutrition to You is all about providing experienced, multilingual Dietitians with a passion for bringing culturally-relevant evidence-based nutrition advice and clinical support to you.

Our Beginnings

Nutrition to You was founded in March 2013. Joy’s goal of bringing evidenced-based nutrition care directly to clients in their homes was now a reality. We started off small, engaging just one Dietitian and setting out to build an infrastructure to assure all of our clients received the same high level of care.

The first year, Natalia Ciutat-Terroba, brought her multilingual expertise in healthy eating, weight management and prenatal nutrition to Nutrition to You clients. Together with Joy, the needed infrastructure was built. While we were sad to see her leave, Natalia returned with her family to Chile in April 2014.

Nutrition to You has since added a Punjabi-speaking Dietitian with a passion for helping people that have Type 2 Diabetes, a Farsi-speaking Dietitian with knowledge of Inflammatory Bowel Diseases and IBS, and a Mandarin, Cantonese and Malay-speaking Dietitian with a passion for teaching people how to get healthy and stay well.

Nutrition to You continues to provide experienced, multilingual Dietitians that bring culturally-relevant nutrition support directly to our clients. 

Food for Thought

“Food for Thought” is where our Dietitians post nutrition-related articles in their specific areas of specialty as well as links to their interviews on TV and in press. Click on the “Food for Thought” tab above to read our Dietitian’s latest blogs or watch their TV interviews. 

Our Office 

Our office is located in central Coquitlam, but remember – we bring Nutrition to You!

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