Amandeep (Sandhu) Phangura RD, CDE

PLEASE NOTE: Amandeep will be away until Labour Day this year, but we soon have a Punjabi-speaking Dietitian available to help our South Asian clients with healthy eating and weight management.

Amandeep (Sandhu) Phargura is a RegistAmandeep - new profile pic Nov 16 2015ered Dietitian with Certified Diabetes Educator (CDE) certification. She has worked for several years at a Surrey area hospital providing care especially to the South Asian community in the area of insulin resistance, Diabetes and weight management and has been a Dietitian with Nutrition to You for several years.

Aman understands that finding out that your blood sugar is on the high side raises a lot of questions, and she provides answers that you can trust. Amandeep can help you implement nutrition and activity guidelines that are well-documented to delay or prevent Type 2 Diabetes and if you already have a diagnosis of Type 1 or Type 2 Diabetes, Aman can help you get bring your blood glucose under control.

Aman’s name may seem familiar to those in the Punjabi community, as she appears frequently on OMNI TV and was featured in an article entitled “Simple Changes Can Help Fight Diabetes in the South Asian Community”

Amandeep - South Asian Post - Oct 15 14

Recent Media Appearances

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Need a plan?

Amandeep will create an Individual Meal Plan especially for you based on your height, weight, activity level and factoring in your nutrition goals and in consideration of any medical conditions and medications you are taking. She’ll help support you to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight and bring down high blood sugar levels – all within the context of the food you like to eat!

For more information on having Aman provide Nutrition to You services please click on the “Contact Us” tab to send her a note.