Our Services

Each Nutrition to You Dietitian offer the identical CORE SERVICES at the same cost, and each offers distinct SPECIALTY PACKAGES reflecting their area of expertise.

Core Services 

Offered by each of our Dietitians

I – CORE Assessment Options

a. Complete Assessment Package (CAP) 

This is our all-inclusive package for clients who want to eat healthier, lose (or gain) weight, or address a routine clinical condition such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or insulin resistance. It includes an initial in-person assessment to collect medical and family medical history, review recent lab tests and assess your food habits and lifestyle, then based on the information collected, our Dietitian will design an Individual Meal Plan just for you – factoring in any weight management goals. At the second visit, our Dietitian will review of your risk assessment and go over your Individual Meal Plan with you, teaching you simple, yet accurate ways to estimate your portion sizes.

b. Hourly Sessions 

Hourly visits can be structured to provide the same non-clinical services as the Complete Assessment Package (for those whose extended benefits reimburse on a per-hour basis) or to address routine clinical conditions, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol or insulin resistance or to provide Nutrition Education on a wide variety of topics.


a. Weight Management Package 

The Weight Management Package is designed as a follow up package to the Complete Assessment Package for those who want on-going support to implement the dietary and lifestyle changes of their Individualized Meal Plan. 

b. Dietary Management Package 

The Dietary Management Package is designed as a follow up package to the Complete Assessment Package for those who need dietary support related to a specific nutritional intake concern, such as low vitamin / mineral status or deficiency, a clinical concern such as high cholesterol or high blood pressure or who would like nutrition education in a few areas, at a savings.


Insulin Resistance Management Package

Provided by Amandeep Sandhu Phangura RD, CDE

Amandeep understand that a diagnosis of high blood sugar raises a lot of questions and concerns, and she will help you implement nutrition and activity guidelines that could delay or even prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

Type 2 Diabetes Management Package 

Provided by Amandeep Sandhu Phangura, RD, CDE

This package is designed to help support those with Type 2 Diabetes in implementing diet and lifestyle changes to manage their blood glucose levels.

Type 1 Diabetes Management Package 

Provided by Amandeep Sandhu Phangura, RD, CDE

This package focuses on the unique needs of those living with Type 1 Diabetes and will tailor nutrition recommendations in light of your specific insulin therapy.

Grocery Store Tour

Provided by Sian Hoe Cheong, MSc, RD

This package will help you learn where to find the healthiest foods in your neighbourhood grocery store, and how to use nutrition labels to compare products. Learn to make the best choices and discover new and healthy products to round out your meals and snacks. Sian Hoe will answer your questions and help you evaluate for yourself, which product is the better choice.

Fridge and Pantry Review

Provided by Sian Hoe Cheong, MSc, RD

For those who have always wanted an approachable and knowledgeable person to come into your home and review the contents of your refrigerator and pantry with you, discuss the benefits and drawbacks to regularly stocking those products, this is it. This is a fun, yet educational interactive session.

Inflammatory Bowel Disorder Support Package 

Provided by Amandeep Sandhu Phangura, RD, CDE and
Sepideh Sarbazi, MSc, RD

This package is designed for those with Crohn’s disease, Colitis or other gastrointestinal disorders. The goal of this package is to support clients in meeting their nutritional needs while minimizing discomfort.

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